Renger Koning

At age 19, Renger produced his first multimedia recording with his father’s tape recorder.

During a thunderstorm he hung one microphone out of the window and another microphone inside the piano.  Renger’s piano impromptu, accompanying the thunder from above, was the beginning…….

Since the early 1990’s, Renger has become an Award Winning Composer, receiving numerous nominations and awards in categories ranging from original composition, best soundtrack and mix.

Renger has composed hundreds of songs and themes for audiovisual productions, commercials, television broadcast stations, documentaries and short films.

Apart from composing, Renger has published a proprietary hand crafted sound effects library titled, “X-treme Whooshes vol. 1 – 3”.

Renger’s passion is not just in “the notes” but in the original sounds and textures.  He feels they contribute to a great soundtrack and is the reason why he designs his proprietary sample libraries.

In 2011 Renger wrote sections for the 1924 score movie of Lev Kuleshov, “The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks” for the Metropole Orchestra, in collaboration with 14 other composers.

Renger has written music in a variety of styles and genres to develop his, style-less” signature. Experimental, orchestral, pop songs or soundscapes. “Whatever is needed to make the picture work” is Renger’s main concern.